5. Digital Communication

The bulk of our digital communication happens through Slack. For each project or topic we have a channel. In the channels we organize our conversations in Threads. To start a new conversation, send a message according to the following norms: 

Bold Subject Line (for easier readability and finding things quicker)

Description of the topic: the challenge, questions you have. Provide as much context as needed for those you are adressing to be able to relate. Tag people with @name to make sure they see your message.

If you want to reply to a message someone sent, please do so in the thread, to keep the conversation tidy and easy to follow. To do so, hover your mouse over the message; a small menu should appear on the top right corner. Click the speech bubble.

We try to keep our CAN related communication to Slack. If something is urgent and someone doesn’t respond on Slack it’s also okay to contact them on Signal.






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