For a strong
Civil Society

We support effective and resilient bottom-up social change. A thriving and active civil society is a crucial factor for peace and justice in this time of multiple overlapping crises that require big transformations. By identifying and systematically addressing barriers to participation we help civil society to grow around the edges. By providing training, facilitation, coaching, and regenerative spaces for civic actors we help civil society to be more effective in the long run and those engaged to thrive while working for a world that works for everyone.

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What we do

By providing low-threshold offerings we engage communities and individuals at the edge of civil society. We systematically address barriers to participation, by supporting people’s claim to public space, their connection with their own values and other people, supporting a sense of belonging to a community, and fostering the understanding that their engagement can make a difference.

Our work with active members of civil society focuses a lot on principles and practices that enable a regenerative, long-term viable way of organizing. Social change is a long game and providing services like facilitation, training, and coaching is our way of resourcing initiatives and movements to keep playing it with integrity, conviction, and joy. We believe in depth over quantity when it comes to relationships in engaged spaces. That’s why we foster connections across diverse civic actors, enabling knowledge sharing, mutual support, and collaboration.

Who we work with

With our different offerings, we reach diverse actors: From local neighborhood organizers to grassroots activist groups, to NGOs,  to people who would not consider themselves active members of civil society at all – by engaging this wide range of stakeholders, we are able to provide the support that’s needed, where it’s needed. 

We partner with a vast network of initiatives, educators, facilitators, and trainers to realize our projects. 

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  • Come to one of our in-person events in Vienna or Poznan.  Check out our events calendar to learn more.
  • Come to our monthly gathering in Vienna every 2nd Thursday of the month. This is a great space to chat about CAN, and your interests and discover potential overlaps.
  • If you are short on time but want to support our work, a donation is a great way to do so. Find all the info on how to donate here.
  • If you are part of an initiative or group that works on social change in some way shape or form, we would love to get to know who you are and see if we can support your effort in some way. Reach out via email to set up a time for a chat!

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