Weaving Relationships for Social Change – Session 2: Self-Relationship

Our relationships are a reflection of the state of society – and vice versa. There are many ways to stand up for social change and justice. They all have one thing in common: they require us to be in relationship. In doing so, we often reproduce the patterns that we actually reject. But the good thing is: relating to one another eye to eye is a skill that we can practise. 

This series of events is aimed at anyone who is looking for a space for connecting with each other. You might resonate with the following:

  • You have a need for more depth in your relationships
  • You are convinced that we are stronger together and you want to deepen your skills for togetherness
  • You want to practice connecting authentically in a playful way

We are better together than alone – but how can we build more resilient relationships? How can we use tensions to grow closer together? How can we express what is really going on inside us and hear and see each other? 


Session 1: Authentic Relating (26.02.)

We get to know each other playfully and begin to explore the qualities of authentic relating. 

Session 2: Self-relationship (04.03.)

With the help of the model of the Internal Family System, we explore our relationship with ourselves and the influence it has on our relationships with others.

Session 3: Communicating across differences (11.03.)

We’ll explore principles and practices for staying present in challenging conversations, listening empathically to others, and expressing authentically what’s going on for us, without blaming or shaming.

Session 4: Transforming tensions (18.03.)

Using the tools we’ve learned over the past 3 sessions, we’ll practice giving effective, authentic and constructive feedback to transform interpersonal tensions and grow closer together as a result. 

Part of the package

  • Tools and material that you can take back to your group, community, family or partnership.
  • Access to a community of people who lean in to relationships for social change
  • Fun playful practice.

Practical Stuff

We’ll meet every Monday evening for 4 weeks, starting on February 26th. We’re still fixing the location, but the workshops will happen in person, somewhere in the center of Vienna. While it’s no problem if you can’t make it to one or two of the dates, we strongly encourage you to participate in all 4 workshops. They build on each other in subtle ways and you’ll have a much more comprehensive experience if you attend all of them. Workshops will start on time at 6pm, so make sure you’re there a few minutes early. The sessions will take about 2.5 hours with a break in between. 

Who is doing this?  

Jonas Gröner (he/him) is a coach, facilitator and organizer for community builders, activists and changemakers who are committed to a regenerative transformation of society. He has been working in self-organized contexts for almost a decade – from permaculture farms to start-ups, cooperatives to non-profit organizations. He has a passion for everything related to community, local self-organization and collective resilience. The focus of his work is to help people turn their vision of community into action and create a world where all beings can thrive. 

If you have any questions, or are not quite sure if this event series is right for you, please get in touch by email or book a free 15 minute introductory call


We offer this series for a flexible participation fee to allow access to everyone passionate about the topic, regardless of their financial means. 

60€ (15€/session) – if money is a bit tight at the moment

100€ (25€/session) – if you are financially stable

140€ (35€/session) – if you have no financial worries

If none of these prices are accessible for you, please get in touch anyway – we’ll see what’s possible.