Seasonal walk SPRING

Seasons Walk- A journey of embodiment and reflection of the cycles on nature in and outside of ourself.

Every season we are offering a gathering in a form of walk through the forest of the surrounding of Vienna. It is a moving gathering following the rhythm of nature.

As life is always in movement and change, so are we! 

The aim is to consciously connect with the current season and to be present to the environment and one another in a cyclical way. We will do this by tuning deeper with our senses and our bodies with some focused exercise and interacting games with nature and each other. During the walk we will take time to simply be in silence among nature and each other and notice the outer and inner landscape, as well as having time to verbally share with a peer, telling them a story or reflecting on some questions about where we are in this moment in life and what is happening around us. 

A cyclical walk could offer a regular buddy support through out the year. 

Least and not last there will be time for free playing, resting, sitting in a circle, gathering and of course eating and sharing seasonal food together.

✨Who is it for?

Everyone who feels resonance with such practice is invited to join! However, we find it especially meaningful to welcome those of you who at times feels themselves too busy or maybe even overwhelmed by the sense of urgency or uncertainty in everyday life, and wishing for resources that support a more grounded and slowed approach to life. 

✨Our intention

By offering such initiatives CAN aims at supporting people and groups who want their political work and social contribution to be more sustainable, as well as providing a space of reconnection for those who at the moment are not part of any groups, initiatives or movements.

✨Starting point and the way

We will leave at 11am from the proximity on the Mödling train station. The meeting point is by the round water fountain in the tiny park close to  Bahnhofplatz 4-6, Mödling.

The path is likely not be a loop after walking direction Baden we can finish by a different train station.


We ask you to express your wish to join the walk by filling in the form below


This event has no external funding so we kindly ask you for a donation of your choice. Collected donations will be used to cover the costs of time of facilitation and preparation. This way you will contribute to us delivering more offerings like this one.


Facilitated by Melody, a community dance artist interested in building and fostering a deeper relationship between the people and the natural  environment through awareness practice, movement and reflection.