🌸CANGathering April 2024🌼

🗓️ Dates: April 18th – April 21st

🌱 Spring is here, and we’re co-creating this time to (re)connect, celebrate, and dream together! Whether you’re keen to learn more about CAN, contribute, or enjoy good company – we’d love to spend this long weekend with you.

📍 Location: 

We’ll be meeting at the very beautiful Urhof20

in Grünbach am Schneeberg. It’s a 100-year-old theater that was built by a workers’ association for the miners who were working in the coal mines of Schneeberg back then. It has been abandoned since the 80s and renovated and reopened by Bea, our host, since 2011. It’s a beautiful space (pictures attached for inspiration). The surrounding nature invites for walks, hikes and even climbing excursions if you’re into that kind of thing! So bring your outdoor gear and prepare yourself for immense beauty 🙂

🚃 How to get there?

Urhof20 is super easy to reach by public transport in about 1.5h from Vienna. Just take a train to Grünbach am Schneeberg Bahnhof and walk for another 10 minutes and you will be standing in front of this beautiful old theater!

We will arrive on Thursday around 12h and leave on Sunday around 16h.

💰 Costs

This event is unfortunately not funded, so to make it happen we need your financial contributions. The following costs will have to be covered:
– accomondation (20€/ person and night)
– food (we expect 15€/ person and day)
– material costs (50€ in total)
– accomondation for organizers (300€ in total)

We are hoping to reach between 10 and 15 participants which would put us at an average cost of roughly 200€ per participant. We would ask you to honestly check in with your financial capacity and choose a tier below that reflects your situation. If none of the tiers are accessible for you, feel free to reach out via email and we’ll see how we can make it possible for you to come anyways. All of these tiers only cover costs for accommodation, food and making it possible that the organizers join at no additional cost, however there is no salary budgeted.

  • 150€ (accessibility tier, if you are financially stretched)
  • 200€ (regular tier, covering your costs, if you are financially stable)
  • 250€ or more (solidarity tier, contributing to the accessibility for others, if you are financially flourishing)

If you want to join for less than 4 days and are unsure how much to contribute financially, feel free to reach out and we can clarify this together.

🕰️ While we recommend that you join for the whole duration it’s also okay to join later or for individual days.

📝 If you want to come please register below, it helps immensely with planning 🙂

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If you have any questions, reach out to 🙂