Begegnung durch Bewegung in FLUCC

DANCE THE UTOPIE – open movement laboratory in the FLUCC


Begegnung durch Bewegung in FLUCC by CAN 

Meeting through Movement in FLUCC by CAN 


We invite you to rediscover the joy of dancing together!

Regardless of age, experience, gender, nationality, everyone is welcome to participate. 

All you need to bring is your body and an open mind. 

Together, we’ll establish a safe and welcoming space where we can express ourselves, build connections, improvise, find inspiration, release creativity, and foster a deeper connection with our own bodies and space around us. 

Let’s play! Let’s dance! Let’s be together! 



Sonia & Gregor _ They think and work with their bodies, fluidly navigate between, performance, dance pedagogy, choreography and artivism. They consciously face the social and structural challenges within & around them. They hope to foster empathy wherever their bodies move. Queering practices to transform the relationships of nonhuman and human beings. Sonia & Gregor love to share their dances of joy !