What is coaching?

Coaching is a relational process between a Client (sometimes called Coachee) and a professionally trained Coach. The Client brings up a topic they are currently experiencing as a challenge on their journey. It’s the coach’s job to support the Client to identify what is truly important to them about the topic, how they might be holding themselves back by subscribing to self-limiting internal conversations, and what an attainable action plan to realize the Clients vision might look like. The process is mainly led by the Client. The Coach is there to gently guide the exploration of the clients’ inner territory in moments when clarity seems impossible to obtain. 

Who is it for?

We’ve found that coaching is best suited for a few different situations:

  • You know you want to contribute to transforming the world, so it is more just, peaceful and sustainable, but you are not quite sure what is “yours to do”. In this case working with a coach can mean clarifying your personal vision for the kind of life you want to live and the impact you would like to make.
  • You already know what you want to be doing to contribute to a more just, peaceful and sustainable world, but somehow whenever you try to act you encounter resistance. All of a sudden the clarity you had is gone and what you had in mind a minute ago seems impossible to achieve. If this resonates with you, working with a coach might entail learning the skill of putting your vision into action in a way that is aligned with your values and the resources you have access to.
  • You are already doing a lot to contribute to a more just, peaceful and sustainable world – maybe sometimes too much. You might feel like there is never enough time to get everything done that needs to get done and other important aspects of your life have to take a backseat regularly. If this is you, coaching likely will revolve around identifying a few areas of focus and setting clear and attainable goals – both for work and play – so you can experience more ease and joy while making a meaningful impact.
  • You are taking a leadership* role in a group that works for social change and experience internal friction around being in a position of power. In this case, you and your Coach would likely work together to discover your core values and a way to engage leadership that is authentic to you – so you can empower others and catalyze tangible change.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

If you find yourself in one of the descriptions above and are ready to grow to the next level of your changemaking, you can fill out our form (button below) to express your interest. One of the coaches from our network will then reach out to schedule a free 60 min discovery session. The purpose of this session is for the coach to support you to be clear about the challenges you are expriencing at the moment, what would become possible for you if you were to master those challenges and if working together might be the kind of support you need at the moment. We are dedicated to setup you up for success, so if it becomes apparent that a different kind of support is more aligned with what you need, we are happy to connect you with other professionals from our network (like consultants, advisors, trainers or therapists).


It is important for us to support those who will benefit from it, regardless of their economic circumstances. That’s why we offer coaching on a sliding scale

35 €/session – if it is a strech for you to invest in this right now

50 €/session – if you are financially stable

75 €/session – if you are financially flourishing or your organization is paying for coaching

If none of these tiers are accessible to you, please mark it in the form to request a discount or a full scholarship.