Social Movements Networking Lunch

🗓️ Friday, 23.2.24

⏰ 12:30 landing, 13:00 start, 15:00 end, feel free to stay afterwards

⛳ Grünentorgasse 16/19

📌 Topic: “Resources we lack in our active groups + ones we could share with each other”

👜 Bring: Some food to share for lunch with each other


💌 This invitation goes out to all who are working in different initiatives, groups and organizations being part of various social movements (climate, democracy, migration, city movements etc.). It comes from a wish to foster connection, exchange and understanding within and between various movements, and thus support us all in fruitful long term engagement.

🫧 Format

Each month, usually on the last Friday of the month, we invite people to come together over some nice food to exchange about different topics. A loosely held frame will support us to freely follow our interests to learn about and from each other.

We will follow aliveness and aim for balance between action and regeneration, so there is no strong focus on being “productive” during the meeting. Formation of subgroups according to needs will be welcome.

🫧 Language

The common elements will be held in English – at least on first meeting – but it is possible to accommodate non-English speakers.

🫧 Registration

Please try your best to let us know when you’re coming for ease of planning. Spontaneous joining is welcome, too though.

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🫧 Future outlook

The next dates and probable topics will be:

22.3.24 “What sustains and what breaks the motivation to be active in a group?”
26.4.24 “Most common challenges in group work, their reasons and where to get support”

In time we hope to shape the meetings and choose topics together, so please share your interests with us!

Even though the lunch is mainly aimed at people who are already active, if you kept reading up till now and the event really appeals to you, you’re still welcome to join even if just starting or wanting to start your own activism 😊

🤲 This event is held by people from Civil Action Network ( and Projekt 3.5 (now called: Ecosystem of Change