Neben unseren Projekten, in denen wir regelmäßig Veranstaltungen organisieren, bieten wir die hier genannten Dienstleistungen auf Anfrage an. Wenn Sie oder Ihre Gruppe, NGO, Ihr Verein oder Ihre Initiative eine dieser Formen der Unterstützung in Anspruch nehmen möchten, wenden Sie sich bitte über das Kontaktformular für das jeweilige Angebot an uns.

If you would like support with a social change project but are not quite sure which modality is most fitting, please reach out via email providing the following information:

  • Who you are (an individual, a non-formal group, an organization etc.)
  • What challenges you are facing at the moment that you would like to get support with
  • Any other relevant information that helps us to understand your request


We understand facilitation as the art of making the work of a group easy. A facilitator is someone who can hold a complex group process, like coming up with a shared vision, creating shared agreements for how to work together or deciding on the strategy for the next year. Depending on the topic, the experience of the group and the internal dynamics, a facilitator might guide a process more closely or loosely. Their job is to hold a group in the discomfort of “not knowing” so they can find their own answers to the challenges they are trying to overcome – and step out of the way once the group starts gathering momentum. An external facilitator can balance the power dynamics of a group, by creating a more neutral frame, thereby increasing the chance that every voice gets heard.

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Coaching is a relational process between a Client (sometimes called Coachee) and a professionally trained Coach. The Client brings up a topic they are currently experiencing as a challenge on their journey. It’s the coach’s job to support the Client to identify what is truly important to them about the topic, how they might be holding themselves back by subscribing to self-limiting internal conversations, and what an attainable action plan to realize the Clients vision might look like. The process is mainly led by the Client. The Coach is there to gently guide the exploration of the clients’ inner territory in moments when clarity seems impossible to obtain.

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Out of Action Spaces

Political actions like demonstrating, protesting or non-violent direct action can be very intenses experiences. When we go the edges of what is legal and acceptable behavior to express our political opinion, we are often met with resistance and sometimes even with violence – be it by police or bystanders. This can be a very intense experience, that brings up a lot of emotions. To make sure this intensity doesn’t turn into trauma, it’s immensely important to have a space to debrief, share emotions and take care of any arising needs collectively. This is what Out of Action Spaces are for. They are held by people who were not part of the action themselves and therefore have a greater capacity to support others. Another function of an Out of Action Space is to collectively make meaning out of what happened, even if the main goals of an action (e.g. blocking the construction of fossil infrastructure) could not be reached. We will support you to answer the question: Why was it still meaningful to do this?

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